Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Beta 1

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Checking out Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Beta 1 LIVE on real hardware my main pc on a 1Tb HDD. Download Bobuntu Linux Here : https://sourceforge.net/projects/bobuntu-linux/

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  1. Try pic partpicker for pc components.

  2. Hi EB if you're after a Kodi build that works on any Linux Distro give this add on a whirl and pick out of the builds the Linux Build halfway down the list. http://repozip.zerotolerance.gq I can confirm it works with Ubuntu Mate 18.04. The only gripe I have is Plank keeps thinking that the top panel is a app and after a couple off clicks on it in the plank it minimises your top panel, so I use Docky instead. I installed this on an external drive and runs as quick as being on real internal hardware. Martin Wimpress and his team have done again a fantastic OS.

  3. I want to do linux on a laptop and I like Arch it seems quick more so than others! What would you recommend for Arch Distros????

  4. You should try using Easy2boot for Linux distro testing so you can test distro's on your actual hardware instead of the virtual machine.

  5. I'm trying to play Dead by Daylight without success on VBox. It's flickering with 3D acceleration on and D3D is outdated.

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