*Update* TCL 6 Series 5/8/2017

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Quick update on TCL 6 Series…Please like, comment, and subscribe.

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  1. I only get accurate colors and contrast in movie and HDR dark… is something wrong with my tv or is that normal because in any other picture mode i get over saturated colors that cant be fixed by turning color down and this dynamic contrast look even tho dynamic contrast is off

  2. Does 4k gaming look and run good on this?

  3. I went to my local Best Buy on Tuesday and the 6 Series isn't even on display yet & none in the store. They're still shipping from the warehouse another hour away. I really was hoping to see it first as this isn't something I was prepared to buy sight unseen.

  4. I heard standard 1080 p media doesn't look all that well. What's your experience? Also possible example of this coming?

  5. Before the 6 series came out I bought a p605 and it arrived broken twice so I just gave up. I don't have a local best buy unfortunately and I've been hesitant on ordering the new one. I know it's a carrier issue though.

  6. I picked up the 55-inch from Best Buy. So far it's working flawlessly. They didn't have it at my local retail store so I had to pick it up from a Best Buy warehouse. I'm glad I did though because it reduces the chance of damage in transit to the store. I'd recommend anyone do the same. The less transfers the better.

  7. Alot of guys complaining are those looking for problems and once they see it, it can't be unseen. If it looks great and nothing is affecting your viewing experience, dont go looking for shit with these DSE, banding, uniformity tests. Enjoy your tv instead of nitpicking

  8. Picking mine up on Thursday! I’m so excited!!

  9. Anybody else have soundbar issues with the 6 series?

  10. I have the 65R615 from bestbuy the problem is minimal but it's there! Bestbuy offers 14 day return policy.

  11. What's the link to the video you're displaying so I can run it on my tv..

  12. Tcl is trash👎👎👎👎👎👎😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  13. I ordered mine thru best buy. Will get on 5/14

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