Vegeta’s Shocking Discovery | Dragon Ball Z Newgrounds Collab skit ft. MasakoX (SLIGHT EXTENDED CUT)

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Link to Flash Collab!!!! Programs: Animation Creator HD (iPad) Gimp (Linux/Windows) …

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  1. You're gonna make confidence your bitch ! Be sure to check the full collab on new newgrounds right here!

  2. Now hit looks like spiderman

  3. Awww i like the thought if Goku and Vegeta would be best friends since theyr Childhood ^^

  4. Vegeta:
    "T H I S D I C K H E A D"

  5. MaSTAR media's lost cousin

  6. This is fukin awesome 😂😂😂😂

  7. You're gonna make competence your BITCH

  8. When did this turn into an episode of Naruto? Lmao

  9. You need more recognition. Your videos are entertaining.

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