Vivo Apex Hands On: In-screen Fingerprint + Pop-up Selfie Cam!

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The HTC U11+ recently opted for a rear fingerprint scanner for the first time, and the newly announced Galaxy S9 has one as well. But Vivo is going in a different direction. And we can’t help…

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  1. In 2021 Apple will "Invent" this technology and charge $2000

  2. looks like a iPhone 5

  3. It looks amazing… Please do more videos of this vivo

  4. For those of you saying the camera is a gimmick, remember that retractable camera has another feature: privacy.

  5. Pleas Launching date in India

  6. That pop up fire is just pure genius! Bravo!

  7. Legit, if they pushed this phone to the market I would sell my iPhone X in a heartbeat.

  8. Headphone Jack
    Are you hearing?

  9. Headphone jack with 3 amplifiers sounds amazing!

  10. Now That is a great concept of a smartphone.

  11. Pop up selfie in midnight make you jumping scare

  12. Am I the only one who likes bezels like on the S9.. and the only one who dislikes the pop up camera?

  13. That pop up selfie cam…. Jenius

  14. Sorry to say bit Ur color grading are inconsistent… And ugly in some part

  15. Vivo is the new innovator. Apple R&D sucks now without Steve.

  16. Vivo is doing really good. I never take oppo-vivo in calculations

  17. 2:25 Stop pressing it so hard lol

  18. For once I’m excited about a phone

  19. i hope it will also be released in the Philippines once its on the market..

  20. Holy crap I just realized the shape and metal rounded body looks like the SE but all screen exactly what I wanted!!!!

  21. I hope Apple/google is paying attention and buys this company up! Whoever gets them first will rule the future 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  22. Apple will steal the idea and call it Imovation

  23. Well vivo launches really good phone outside India.

  24. Wasn’t the brand Chinese?

    How is chinese built that without taking que from American tech?


  26. When is it going to be launched in india ?cant wait to but it…im so temped..

  27. the design looks like older iPhone designs? really? you forgot about the essential's almost identical except for the camera.'s get better at your job.. (FYI, essential has a patent for this type of pop up camera)

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