Watch YouTube in Android Auto finally !

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Download link for CarStream:

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  1. hi android auto what is your blocked solution for auto YouTube application? Best regards

  2. Wat is carsteam? I was downloading but it was not written as YouTube auto it showed carsteam so if this car steam can show the same YouTube?

  3. Hi, today doesnt work.
    I have 2,9 AA and nothing. Help

  4. Mine was working great until I updated my T Mobile Note 8 to Oreo 8.0, are there any ideas on how to get this working again? Is there and update for this apk?

  5. I downloaded the android auto version 2.9 and car streem 1.83
    It was working great but now it's not working at all
    Please help
    Thank you.

  6. tried in MS Ertiga but not working, i tried all the solutions.

  7. I have a 2016 Dodge Challenger can I play the video and music from this?

  8. Doesn't work. I have the 1.8.3 version.

  9. I have a LG G6 and a 2018 Kia Optima. I'm only getting the audio through the car and the video is only playing on my phone can you help me with that? Thanks!

  10. Cool stuff but it doesn't work while I tried all possible ways mentioned in your website including renaming package

  11. Does it works on my skoda octavia

  12. doesn't work on my maruthi baleno ..tried a lot, can any one help.

  13. Hi Kiran , i install on my smartphone Leeco Elite the App Android auto 2.9 and Carstream 1.8.3 and in my MMi Audi can open Android auto and -Carstream -chose youtube, and open youtube mini windows but not start the videos , and google ask by account. i insert my google+ account but is not aceptabel. Is it necessary create an Google play videos account to see the youtube videos??

  14. this is awesome. do you know if there also is something too watch netflix on android auto ?

  15. Hi, Kiran can y tell me which version suitable for my phone 📱 Sony z5 premium and my car elantra 2017 youtube auto doesn't appear just appear this text( thanks for your pation

  16. I downloaded the latest update and I doesn't give me an option to watch the video on my car

  17. I have a mitsubishi outlander 2017

  18. It doesnt work i did everything the whole process twice and it doesnt work it shows up like a music app and plays only sound no video

  19. I have a 2018 Suabru Crosstrek and it didnt work. Anyone else have a Subaru and have issues?

  20. i like it, it's cool but why use android auto to watch YouTube

  21. Stopped working after AA 3.0 update

  22. Isme send to car ka option nhi a rha

  23. Has stopped working after android auto update.

  24. No funciona con el Z5050tv de pioneer

  25. Doesn't work on my 2017 f150 what am i doing wrong help please?

  26. Kiran, as you know, the V1.83 application no longer works with AA 3.XXX. Do you think you can solve it?

  27. Hi Krian, whn i click on send to car, it gives an option which says go to the app and say receive from phone …. tht i dont see … whr can i find it …

  28. I can't find send to car icon only about Iam using oneplus 5t

  29. It does'nt work with volkswagen t-roc in feb 2018

  30. Show de Bola!

    Já estava utilizando o aplicativo anteriormente, porém com a atualização do Android Auto parou de funcionar. Desabilitei a atualização automática dos aplicativos e coloquei a versão anterior do Android Auto. Atualizei o CarStream para versão 1.8.3 e funcionou perfeitamente! Inclusive lê os vídeos da cartão de memória.. Na multimédia da Volks 2018 funcionou perfeitamente!

    Parabéns Kiran Kumar!!!

  31. it says I should press last icon on bottom ? Does anyone have the same problem ?

  32. It's not working my friend at all there is no sign to move to the car only shows version

  33. Stopped working, apparently Google has blocked this. When you try yo use the workaround provided in another video, the app just crashes over and over

  34. Can we play applications like netflix and hotstar by car stream ?

  35. Help please. Trying to get this to work on my 2016 GMC CANYON with android auto. Car stream shows up on display. It says to press last button to play. I don't have a last button.
    Thanks in advance

  36. Unfortunately no longer working

  37. No me aparece el menú about…

  38. Sir ji please upload new carstream suitable for AA 3.0

  39. Not working even via cloning

  40. I tried latest version and version 1.6. I am able to "send to car" and put android auto in dev and allow unknown sources. But when connected to car carstream not under apps list.

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