Waymo 360° Experience: A Fully Self-Driving Journey – Audio Described Version

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Waymo has provided this audio description of the Waymo 360° Experience, making it possible for a wider audience to learn how Waymo’s self-driving …

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  1. Great. In the future we're all going to be nothing more than passengers being driven around like children or the elderly. Another example of shit progress.

  2. I, for one, welcome our new overlords. All hail Google!

  3. Planning to join you at the castle 🙂

  4. Drive your fucking car you lazy fucking ass pieces of SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I like it marked the police car.

  6. I e-mailed Google Waymo before to do what Tesla did, place their technology unto a sellable automobile to the masses in such a way that we humans can have an experience of autonomy as it grows in such a way that adaptation is not abrupt. Glad they coupled with Jaguar's I-pace.

  7. The audio description was great! I watched with my eyes closed

  8. Very interesting timing for (re)posting this video 🙂

  9. The backseat screens that display what Waymo is sensing is really cool. It gives me confidence that it is working and working properly. I hope this will be a standard feature in all Waymo vehicles. It gives confidence to the passengers and to the public at large. There's a reason why Google/Waymo have been "slow" with their autonomous vehicle tech. It seems like they are the tech to beat.

  10. as they just crashed in Arizona 5 min ago lol

  11. Cool stuff guy's, you should do a regular livestream and answer questions or so 🙂

  12. Sign me up. I think Waymo will beat Tesla to level 4/5 autonomy

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