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1:11 What it’s like to be a vegan in clinical dietetics, in a hospital setting 5:29 How do you not let your personal bias get in the way? 6:07 Steps to becoming a …

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  1. Hello my apples fam!! Thumbs up for all the registered dietitians saving lives through nutrition! I hope you guys learned something new or helpful today and PLEASE leave more questions below and I'll answer them in the next one 🙂 Be sure to subscribe for more and love urself because you deserve it. xoxo

  2. I start my dietetic internship in a few months, also a fellow vegan looking to change the world! 😉 so happy I found you!

  3. Your hair grows so fast

  4. Love what you said, so so true!

    Also, you look so cute! Miss your vlogs 🙂

  5. Yes!! My clinical experience was so similar. It's so different in an acute setting compared to outpatient care. Good luck with the rest of your internship. I am finishing up food service before moving on to community and specialty rotations😊 it's awesome to see other vegan RD2Bs!

  6. Did you work during the time you had classes? I'm working and trying to get experience in the field while I am taking my quarterly classes and I'm not sure if it's hurting me or making me better.

  7. I know you kinda said something about this but was wondering if you've ever heard of people who majored in something else other than nutrition for their undergrad then switched to nutrition/dietetics for grad? Im a biology major and have wondered if it's too late….

  8. I am currently contemplating studying to become an RD, and one of the required classes is Anatomy/Physiology… I'm afraid I may have to dissect animals, which is against my morals as a vegan. Did you struggle with this? Did anyone have tips or insight for me?

  9. As a nutrition student (and a vegan) this video is so important!! Empathy and compassion should be given to everyone! (Not just animals). Our message is better sent if we’re understanding in the first place. I’d rather someone eat kale with their steak than no kale at all.

  10. I love this video it was super helpful , I’m about to go into college and my major is nutrition and dietetics! I was wondering if you completed the community nutrition , food service and now on the clinical nutrition domain and if so , which did you prefer ? Idk if that made sense but i hope you understand.

  11. Have you encountered any research on antinutrients?

  12. For those interested in applying to an undergraduate program with a Coordinated Program it's also important to note that the last Coordinated Program class will be in 2023 because by 2024 it'll be required to have a masters before entering the internship!

  13. This video is great! I'm currently working towards my bachelor's degree in dietetics. I'm in my second year. So this information is great! Thanks! Also love your all other videos! 😜

  14. I just got matched to an internship in Virginia 🙌🏽 I'm definitely most nervous for my clinical rotations bc it's not my favorite part of dietetics but I'm excited to learn. Do you have different rotations of areas of clinical (renal, diabetes, bariatric etc) or is it just all together? Loved hearing your perspective!

  15. How do you know if the school is accredited by acend? How can i check??

  16. Absolutely LOVED this video!! I'm currently studying exercise and nutrition and will probably go into a dietetics masters program. I was wondering what you plan to do after you pass? Are you still wanting to be a doctor? Or will you start your own dietetics practice? Work under a vegan clinic? So many possibilities! So excited for you <3 Much love

  17. Wow I can’t believe that I’m the states that some programs don’t organize your internship! I’m studying Nutrition and Dietetics in Trinity and DIT Dublin, Ireland. We call our internship placement and it is apart of our course so we have to pass it as a module and you have to have 1000 hours placement to register here but we have no RD exam. I’d love more information about the RD exam because I would love to work in the states once I graduate from my bachelors! Lots of love x

  18. You look amazing in this shirt 😍

  19. Love this so much girl!! I never once spoke to patients about veganism unless THEY asked. It is smart to speak about it with patients who are in the position to make they choice. Most patients in clinical care, like you said, are dying. It’s such a hard line to walk, but it truly opens your mind. Can’t wait to welcome you into the vegan RD community soon 😍😍

  20. Is a masters degree necessary to work in this field? Will you be pursing one? Thank you for making such an informative video!

  21. How do you become a nutritional therapist?

  22. How is a dietician different from a certified nutritionist? 🙂 How would the jobs differ/requirements?

  23. I want to pursue a career in nutrition, but I’m really bad at science and I don’t wanna be miserable in college:(

  24. I love how you're so open and understanding, but still inspirational!

  25. I don't plan on stepping into the RD field, but I do have experience in food service and will be looking into Quality Assurance or Research and Development internships!
    The aspect about personal bias is SO important too. In almost every single food science lab class, I had to work with cooking and prepping animal products. As much as I disliked physically handling raw meat and being so close to the preparation of meat and cheese dishes, I know that it incredibly vital to attain the knowledge of HOW to handle these products. Vegan companies such as Miyoko's actually MANDATE their employees to have experience in dairy or meat plants because their goods are supposed to resemble the animal products as closely as possible.
    Lastly about how it's okay that not everyone will go vegan: How realistic is it to say or believe that everybody WILL go vegan? Theoretically, everybody CAN, but not everyone WANTS to or is ABLE to. I fully agree that you need to give (or feed) patients what they will accept at the time and to prioritize incorporating MORE fruits and vegetables rather than just ELIMINATING animal foods first!

  26. Hi amanda =) I cut my hair about as short you did and around the time you did as well. Your hair is much longer than mine! I've been itching to have long hair again, do you have any recommendations? <333

  27. You made amazing points about doing the best you can with the diet people are willing to eat! I think having that attitude will allow you to help so many clients make huge changes. Loved this video even though I'm not an RD I thought this was so interesting hahaha <3

  28. You are honestly the most understanding, non pushy, and amazing vegan I know. Leading by example is one of the best things you can do, and you are definitely leading! Keep being you, Amanda. 💛

  29. Thank you for this video! I just got accepted into my schools didactic program in dietetics so I'm right behind you in this whole RD process. but I seriously can't believe you're almost finished with the program, when I first started watching your videos you were just starting all this.

  30. Loved seeing this point of view about the profession! I'm currently studying nutrition in Argentina and have being vegetarian for ten years of my life. So helpful to see your insights based in your personal experience! Starting my rotations in October 🙂 love your Channel!

  31. Amazing and flawless as always ❤❤

  32. I would love to know everything about your journey to becoming a vegan RD as that is my professional goal as well! Finding your channel inspired me to believe that I could be a vegan RD specifically. I was concerned that being an RD would force me to sacrifice veganism if I chose it as a career (which I wasn't willing to do) so hearing your thoughts on it and seeing your journey has really helped assure me that it's possible.

  33. This was extremely helpful. I'm a vegetarian and a nutrition student and I'm apply for a coordinated program soon so I was worried about the whole meat thing, so it was really nice to hear this. Thank you so much ❤️

  34. Love this video! Thanks for making it 🙂 I am curious, do you have any idea what you want to do with your RDN credential once you pass the exam? (Setting, population, etc.) Also, I know you spoke to wanting to be a doctor in the past! Is that still on the horizon for you?

  35. With your education, will you be able to help someone with a chronic illness?

  36. Good morning my friend…. Have a good day?

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