What’s New in iOS 11.2.5 – HomePod Support, Siri Features, & More

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iOS 11.2.5 brings a few new features, as well as a menagerie of bug fixes. Changes include: HomePod SUPPORT – Setup and automatically transfer your Apple ID, Apple Music, Siri and Wi-Fi settings…

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  1. I cant hear the siri beep when pressing the home button. How o i fix

  2. Experiencing Carplay issues after updating to 11.2.5

  3. Yes i will be getting a homepod

  4. I will be buying a HomePod I think that it will help complete my HomeKit

  5. HomePod seems quite overpriced for what it does.

  6. "Alexa, what is HomePod?"

  7. i have asked siri to tell me news all the time and she does that (im in the uk)

  8. I thought HomePod will have its own app. Nada. . .

  9. What the hell happened to the intro? Lol

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