Who IS Kimbyrleigha? The PopSocket Queen?!

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Do you have a cell phone? Like DIYs? Like Collection videos and hauls? THEN you may LOVE my channel, here’s what it’s all about! This is me welcoming YOU to MY main channel! On this channel…

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  1. Is it ok if u can make a video about YouTube inspired PopSockets like if u could pick three inspired by their YT profile pic especially my picture. Love ur vids. keep being an inspiration.

  2. yes you are my qeen because you are so pretty😘😘💞💞

  3. Hi! Just hopped over from Ambers channel and subscribed 🙂

  4. Is the seller Popsocket Wireless on Amazon authentic?

  5. You are so pretty 💕💕

  6. Your personality rocks!!! You gotta new subbie!!

  7. I came from ambers channel, hello!!! 💖💕

  8. But aren’t u a regular human 😶 (I’m sorry 😂)

  9. Can anyone tell me how to use her discount link? it never gives me the $2 off

  10. OMG you’re such adorable and hilarious kimbyr!!!

  11. You are the pop socket queen 👸

  12. Why’d you only become a mainly pop socket channel? What happened to that Justice series where you determined if a makeup product was valid or not? I loved that series! Could you possibly do a Q+A talking about the vision of your channel for the year or something? I really think you are cool and would love to subscribe, but not if most of your content will only be about pop sockets.

  13. I come to from aber channel

  14. Soooo I have to admit i've been kinda lurking around your channel watching different popsocket videos. You've been super helpful! I've ordered the black metallic diamond popsocket and i can't wait to get it! Thanks for putting these awesome videos out there for people to check out!

  15. Your channel is the best. Out of all the people I am subscribed to you are my favorite 🙂 i also have a big collection of iPhone cases from my 4s all the way until my 8plus right now and everyone always thinks I’m crazy for having so many lol. No one understands my obsession over phone cases . 😄 & it’s so cool seeing someone have the same interests

  16. I was coming from Amber Scholls channel your daughter is so cute

  17. I saw you on Amber Scholls channel

  18. *reads second question* YESSSSS! 😂😂🔥💘

  19. lol i only saw the thumbnail of amber's video and i was wondering why the little girl looked so familiar

  20. I love your videos? I find them so relaxing to watch. The video your daughter made was adorable. Also I love the fact you always communicate with your fans. You always respond and like comments. You’ve replied to me a few times so thankyou.
    Which I think is amazing as some youtubers don’t even care about the comments or fans.
    Keep up the good work.
    I watch your videos all the way from England. 💕

  21. This was super cute girl. Also, you tell them how to say your name 😂jk. Checking out your daughters video, love it. My son films vids but I won’t let him release them, can’t stand the competition, jk. loved this

  22. Plz can y sub to me plz xo

  23. I came from Amber's channel😊

  24. I love .and I have and iphone8.i think I may get a X for my bd

  25. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  26. YouTube unsubscribed me 😭😭 I resubscribed tho 🙂

  27. You are the prettiest person ive ever seen.😻❤💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

  28. Amber’s squad here🙌🏼

  29. lol i just saw ambers video and went straight here!!!

  30. I came from amber channel.Your such a beauty like your friend Amber.

  31. I came from ambers channel!!! <3 Your so pretty and your daughter is so cute

  32. I came from ambers channel!!! <3 Your so pretty and your daughter is so cute

  33. Congrats on the continued success of your channel girl!! Love to see other Youtubers support each other! Been here awhile and will continue of course 😉💋

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