Windows 10 build 17650: Hands-on with Fluent Design, Settings, and more

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Windows 10 build 17650 hands-on video review with Windows Defender Security Center improvements, Settings changes, and much more. More details …

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  2. Sir i have os built 17131.1 can you tell me how to update it to 17650 even i can't find in check updates as it says your system is up to date. So please help me to solve it out.

  3. Now is released.But how can i download it through the windows update assistant ?

  4. So when we can download the version 1803 iso file

  5. The build version 17655 is out now. I'm about to test it myself :). But just a hands up if you want to make a video about it :).

  6. Where do you get your wallpapers?

  7. is the acrylic blur from start menu/other apps different from the RS3 blur? i see more behind it than before..

  8. Can I get the wallpaper

  9. Anyone having a problem not seeing Sets?? Just upgraded after finally finding solution to get into Skip Ahead from Fast Ring, but the best feature is not here…😞 Tried restarting several times(as Dona mentioned) but it doesn't come back!

  10. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS😇
    Waiting for 18.04 lts 26th april

  11. Why is it still not released?

  12. How to download win10 latest version iso


  14. really nice build i now re download because mi wifi fail 4hrs waiting gone now i start download again

  15. As of today, it's totally borked. Major bugs and issues. We don't need these version updates twice a year. Once a year is fine. smh

  16. Already switched to linux. Do not care about windows anymore. No nightmares of never ending updates.

  17. microsoft does not release spring creator update yet how to update my pc, I try 5 time with creator tool but nothing happened soo sad….i didn't get spring update.😤😤😤😭

  18. Nice video. And also the wallpaper 😅

  19. Is it available through Media Creation tool?

    MY PC desperately need format, but I cannot wait anymore for Spring Creator build to be available through ISO build.

  20. I've been getting a lot of troubles with the last two skip ahead builds 17643 and 17650. They cause my screen to redraw constantly. I had to reinstall version 1709. I tried updating again to build 17650 but I no longer had access to sets and I keep getting that redraw bug that makes Windows totally unusable. In conclusion, I am stuck back to the Fall 2017 version. 🙁

  21. Windows 10 build 17650: ( Windows 11)

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