Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4 First Look | 55-Inch TV With 4K HDR Display | Price, Features, Specs, and More

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Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4 has launched in India alongside the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro. Claimed to be the world’s thinnest LED TV with a thickness of …

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  1. 39k😭😭😭😭 when they are Cheap enough to sell MiPhones for 8k.. why not this be around 20k😭😭😭

  2. Mi is over hyped….guys.
    Third class chinese cheap products. Don't fall for cheap price n features.

    This is another Micromax. Definitely not durable.
    Moreover this trend will soon be over in a year.😍😁

  3. 1. Does it support Amazon Fire TV Stick!?!
    2. Does it have an AUX input to plug-in external audio device?

  4. How is picture quality of SD and HD channels? How do they compare to sony 1080p tv's?

  5. if u watch closely tv screen is flickering

  6. is Google playstore available. can we download apps

  7. Any buthurt oppo/vivo user…asking about heating issues

  8. What is the OS of the TV? if android then whats the version?

  9. Is it support external apk installation????????

  10. Its a very bad tv for heavy gaming … only 60hz Rr

  11. can we do wall mounting?

  12. Does it support hdr in ps4 pro? Please check and confirm

  13. Hello gadgets 360 .. Planning to buy This tv on the first sale please suggest me whether to go along with extended warranty ? Is it really necessary which is provided by flipkart at 3499/- for 2 years

  14. Hi,

    I like your channel videos. It would be great if you can a do a video about MiTv 4 FAQ

    Kindly include the following if are doing the video

    1) This 55 inch tv suited for how much distance from sofa(viewer)?
    2) Does normal tv channels look good in thisTV?
    3) It doesnt have Google Play. Kindly say whether we can sideload Play Store TV apk and update even preinstalled apps like Youtube given with MiTv?
    4) It doesnt have amazon prime. Is it possible to copy from another TV and sideload it here?
    5) It doesnt have Air mouse and voice search. Is it possible to use a third party android mouse in this TV also?
    6) Kindly test and say us wthther 480p videos and 720p videos looks better or worst or similar than in FULL HD TV (Upscaling)?

    Thanks and Regards
    Ragul N,
    Coimbatore, Tamilnadu (India)

  15. If it doesn't support 4k streaming from YouTube at 2160p resolution it doesn't make sense to invest in it

  16. Does it support 4k streaming from YouTube at 2160p resolution ?

  17. Will it support the ps4 pro for gaming

  18. does it have google play store

  19. Plz make video on the picture quality and sound output !!!!!!!!

  20. 4k monitor market in India sucks very bad. I am a 3d and graphic artist. I want to know how well it performs with a pc, the input lag, color accuracy and those sort of stuff

  21. If we mount wall the tv then are the ports accessible?

  22. I want to know about the mi sound bar. The sound bar Available in China. Please give some details.

  23. Superb video 🔥👍👍👍

  24. in which TV models from Xiaomi comes with Mi sound bar (Modular TV) ?

  25. Does it has 3.5mm audio just to connect any audio system ?

  26. Xiaomi MI tv 4 is a real flagship killer. Check here for competition and price comparison

  27. Hi, anybody knows if this tv supports HDCP 2.2/HDMI 2.0? Its required for streaming 4K and HDR from external streaming devices for apps Netflix like and Amazin Prime Video. Can't finr any information regarding this online.

  28. does it support screen sharing from mobile and laptop

  29. How is the picture quality……………is it comparable to the industry giants ………………..

  30. is this tv wall mounted???

  31. are the HDMI ports 1.4 or 2.0? does this support 4k at 60 hz via HDMI ? the hdr, is it 10 bit panel or 8 bit ?

  32. 😀😀😲😲😲support ps4 pro? What is refresh rate

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