ZorinOS 12 2 CORE

Zorin OS is an alternative to Windows and macOS, designed to make your computer faster, more powerful and secure. Download Here …
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  1. I think you're a little too close to the mic. The sniffing is a bit distracting. Excellent video otherwise.

  2. Used Zorin for a bit, a few years ago. 14.04. Personal opinion, I did not like it that much.

  3. Actually I skipped ZorinOS because they beg for money.

    Let's be clear here. I have no problems donating money to a good OS, I do it all the time. In fact I've paid far more for Linux than I've ever paid for any version of Windows. The fact that you make it look like you have to pay is what makes me skip it.

  4. I like Zorin but it crashes all the time on my computer

  5. Zorin is quite nice and I don't see a problem with paying a small fee to someone who has taken all the guesswork out of getting started with Zorin. The Ultimate Edition is stacked full of software with a simple installation process. Great job!

  6. I bought Zorin 12.2 Lite Ultimate and I LOVE it! My gosh… It's very good. It has a lot of neat applications, though the only negative thing I can say is it has a redundant suite of applications. Meaning, it has several applications which do the same thing. I guess they did it so the average user can try a handful of programs and see if they can find one that suits their needs. Oh, and cool that you also have a GTX 750… I swear. That card must be really common.

  7. EB I use Zorin back before XP end of support it was Ok but move to Linux mint 15

  8. Well Steve I'm surprised at you! You have to support the developer it's ok having a " trial period" but you need to give a donation!! How much would that cost if that was Windows 7 even.

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