Zwift Companion App for IOS & Android Devices

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An update and rebranding of Zwift Mobile Link to “Zwift Companion”. The recent update has the welcome addition of workout mode control. Here’s the full …

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  1. The Elgato Stream Deck could be a pretty amazing replacement for triggering macros and shortcuts saving on overall setup complexity –

  2. Thanks for your thoughts , Shane! I’m just trying to give them a bigger incentive to go Android faster 🤩

  3. Zwift will triple their income overnight when they get the much overdue Android software out. Come on chaps!

  4. It didn't work for me yesterday, the app screen did not show the workout despite being connected to my ride, does it only work with online workouts rather than those stored / created locally?

  5. Hey Shane, how do you access the workout mode if it doesn't automatically come up once opening a session?

  6. Shane – what device do you put on your handlebars to secure your phone?

  7. Thanks Shane. Support question please. I use Ant+ to connect my Elite Direto trainer to Windows10 laptop. My Android Pixel2 phone connects the Zwift mobile app to my laptop with Bluetooth. While riding on Zwift, everything Zwift works on laptop, but only the route map and my moving icon show up on my Zwift mobile phone app. There are no details on the ride, or functionality of the mobile app buttons. Any ideas? Thanks very much, Barry Atlas

  8. Also is there a key to getting the new screen up ? My screen is exactly the same when in workout mode? I’m on Iphone 7.

  9. Hi Shane, loving the content. Quick question. If your in normal free ride mode and want to switch to a workout mid ride is there a quicker way of doing this that ending the ride, saving, re-logging-in then selecting a workout? It’s a real ball ache. Thanks

  10. Camera view #2 unavailable on the companion app via Apple TV. To access this view you have to use the Apple TV remote

  11. just for fun, can you do a comparison to 'early' zwift to what it is now. i seem to remember much blockier lurid colours.

  12. could you do a ghetto rollers to zwift set up? that's what I use and it would be interesting to see what would be required to get it to work on zwift.

  13. Shane could you give me some advice? Just bought a disk brake carbon road bike that has through axles instead of Quick release. Will I need to buy a through axle adapter that specific to trainers so I can link it up to my tacx flux or could I use a QR skewer? If I need the adapter do you recommend any? I think the axle is 12mm. Love the videos btw, cheers!

  14. Noticed on my workout this morning. Was thinking I should send them a thank you note. That mode is much nicer. Also, I listen to music on my phone through speakers and don't listen to Zwift. Now, when a segment is ending, my music cuts back and can hear the 3 second alert. Really nice to not have to look up to see how much time remains in those pain segments. Just glance at the phone, now. Would like to see the elevation profile on my phone for free-rides.

  15. Surprises me how many people still don't know you can hit the tab key to skip a segment of a workout.

  16. I have not had a chance to try it out yet. Going to do a workout tomorrow. Is it not also possible to set incline/resistance if you switch ERG off? That would be a welcome feature.

  17. Landscape mode would also have been nice

  18. Would be nice if the companion app would be full compatible with iPad Pro (landscape mode with Apple keyboard).

  19. Would love a quicker way to send "Ride On's" on the app, unless I have missed a trick somewhere. Notification on main screen, something on app to send one back, or select and send without opening the rider profile page.
    Small steps I guess, but happy to see the progress all the same.

  20. It's a shame that it still doesn't support bridging ANT+ devices on the Android phone.

  21. Fantastic. I start using Zwift training programs, wish the data was on my phone, et voila.. Coincidence? lol

  22. should have updated before my morning ride… workout screen would have been nice… there's always tomorrow

  23. Shane you missed that find friends on strava has been dropped. It's gone from my Samsung S8

  24. Been using link/companion app a few times but where's the button for changing camera views? Also is there a way to select direction when at crossroads?

  25. Thanks for the info. I have been awaiting an update like this to show the workout on the iPhone.

  26. That was a quick review. The app needed a refresh. Good timing with your recent switch to Android

  27. Was mid workout when the video popped up, shame I didn't update my S8 before the ride. Interface on Android is pretty good, workout mode is a nice little addition.

  28. Is it cross platform? As in can I control Apple tv with the android zwift companion app?

  29. Had problems with mobile link dropping out mid ride every ride interested to see if companion is the same

  30. This will be much better if we could not de-clutter the main screen somewhat. We're just duplicating information in multiple places.

  31. Any news on when Zwift is coming to android?

  32. Just pipped by Simon but very useful too! Will be revisiting the mobile app again for the next workout, cheers.

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